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Daedalus Terms of Service

Effective as of November 29th, 2023


These Terms govern the use of Daedalus and are a legally binding contract between the user and servers using Daedalus ("you") and Daedalus, the Daedalus development team, and all persons operating or contributing to Daedalus ("Daedalus", "we", "us").

This service is provided with no warranty and Daedalus is not liable to any harm resulting from uncontrollable service interruptions, unintentional breaking of features (bugs, undefined behavior, etc.), or any related issues.

To contact the Daedalus team, the preferred method is to message @hyperneutrino on Discord (join the support server at https://discord.gg/7TRKfSK7EU to be able to message him). Alternatively, you may email him at hyperneutrino15@gmail.com.

  • Usage of Daedalus is age-restricted as detailed below (users must be at least 13 years of age and minors may only use Daedalus under supervision from an adult guardian, subject to laws in the user's jurisdiction).
  • All users, even if not European, may exercise the GDPR "right to be forgotten" and request data for their server or their user where applicable to be fully expunged.
  • Usage of Daedalus is subject to termination at any time at the discretion of the Daedalus team as it relates to abuse in the form of deliberate exploitation of bugs, flooding its ratelimits, and using Daedalus for spamming, scamming, harassment, discrimination, or other abusive behaviors.

Age Restriction

By using Daedalus, you confirm that you are at least 13 years of old (this is in compliance with Discord's policy and online child protection laws).

If you live in a jurisdiction with laws regulating data collection and technology usage, you confirm that your usage and the collection of your data by Daedalus in line with our Privacy Policy is legal within your jurisdiction.

Acceptable Use

The following, but not limited to the following, are prohibited:

  • Use of Daedalus for purposes of spamming, scamming, harassment, discrimination, doxxing, or other abusive behaviors.
  • Impersonation of Daedalus or Daedalus staff for any purpose, especially to attempt to compromise other users.
  • Defamation, abuse, harassment, or threats against Daedalus or its staff.
  • Promotion of illegal, dangerous, or harmful behavior using Daedalus, including but not limited to posting content forbidden by law, suicide threats, posting gore or other disturbing content, encouraging use of drugs, promoting self-destructive, harmful, violent, or similar behavior, etc.
  • Attempting to breach Daedalus through penetration testing or identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, including the bot, the website, and all related services.

Prohibited behavior is subject to termination of the right to use Daedalus at the discretion of the staff.

Content Rights

Except where specified otherwise, we hold and reserve all intellectual property rights for content on Daedalus and the code for the service. Users may not use the content in any way that is not directly in line with proper usage of Daedalus.

Prohibited usage includes, but is not limited to, copying for other uses, downloading, sublicensing, transformation, publication, and creation of derivative material.

Service Interruption

Daedalus retains the right to interrupt the service for maintenance, upgrades, or other changes in relation to providing the best service possible. Adequate informing of users will be done through the support server's announcement channel.

Within legal limits, Daedalus also retains the right to suspend or terminate the service in its entirety. In this case, Daedalus will discard all personal data and information.

Additionally, Daedalus may become unavailable due to factors outside of Daedalus' reasonable control such as internet failures, blackouts, or other issues with the infrastructure on which Discord is dependent.

Changes to these Terms

Daedalus retains the right to modify these terms of service at any time. Users will be appropriately informed of any notable changes. Such changes only apply as of the time of writing and are not retroactive.

Continued use of Daedalus is an implicit agreement to follow the terms of service through any revisions and changes. Users may disagree with the terms of service and unbind themselves from the contract by ceasing usage of the service.


Users may present disputes to Daedalus through the aforementioned communication methods. While we cannot restrict users' right to legal action, we humbly request you to contact us directly in case of disputes so that we may attempt to resolve them and adequately compensate you if applicable.


In the case of security-related flaws that may compromise the safety of users of the service, please report them via either contact method. Do not disclose information publicly.

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