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Proudly serving 264 guilds

Welcome to the future of server management

Daedalus offers a high-quality, highly-customizable, and modern out-of-the-box experience. Offer only the best for your server members and server staff with advanced functionality, intuitive design, and features designed with convenience and accessibility in mind.

See something you need but we don't have? We're constantly implementing new features and enhancing existing ones to continuously build a better experience for you, so stop by our support server and let us know what you need!

Why Daedalus?

We're glad you ask! Our philosophy is that you should never settle for what a bot provides you, and while not every server can have its own custom-made bot tailored for its needs, we provide you the next best thing — a bot with enough customization and features that you can fit it to whatever you need.

Daedalus is also transparent about its permissions. You shouldn't trust a bot or user with more permissions than they need, and we don't expect you to compromise on that. We provide documentation about the permissions each module/command needs, and if you're not planning on using a feature, you are welcome and encouraged to remove those permissions.

I'm in — how do I get started?

To get started, add the bot. If you'd like to restrict any permissions, check out the permissions documentation page to see what features require which permissions and which ones you can safely remove.

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