Daedalus Partners

Interested in partnering with Daedalus for mutual benefits and perks like free access to certain premium features? Reach out to us through our support server!

TCN IconTeyvat Collective Network

Partnered since Feb. 28th, 2024

The TCN is a network of high-quality Genshin Impact servers whose mission is to unite all mains servers across Teyvat and provide support and promote collaboration between partners.

Daedalus started out in the Genshin Impact subcommunity and owes large amounts of its present existence to the space that in no small part has been supported by the TCN as well as direct word of mouth within the TCN and its affiliated servers.

This partnership helps both parties grow and establishes a formal connection, bringing the community support and technical sides of Discord server management together.

Servers in the TCN gain access to the custom client feature, a feature that is particularly well-suited to Genshin Impact character servers as servers can run Daedalus through a bot that takes on the appearance of their mascot character.

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