Daedalus Partners

Teyvat Collective Network

The Teyvat Collective Network (TCN) is a collaborative of Genshin Impact "mains-style" servers dedicated to improving the Genshin Impact Discord subcommunity through providing resources, promoting collaboration and positive relationships, and uniting communities.

The TCN is a high-quality but low-control network that has a selective induction process but does not require any more of its servers than to help promote the network and its partners and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

If you run a Genshin Impact character mains-style server and are interested in joining the TCN for access to collaboration opportunities, connections with other server owners/admins, and more, check out their website for more information.

The TCN also has its own partners that are not directly affiliated with Daedalus. This partnership was established by a majority vote from all TCN servers but not its external partners.

The list of the TCN's constituent servers could not be fetched at this time.

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