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Default Permissions

Some permissions are requested by default, particularly ones that do not open the possibility for abuse or exploits and are usually granted to all or most members anyway.

  • View Channel is required for things like automod and autoresponder to work correctly and is required in log channels if you use those. If you do not grant this permission, you can still use slash commands as that bypasses this permission, but features where the bot sends a message not in response to a command directly will require this permission.

  • Send Messages is required for the same features as View Channel.

  • Send Messages in Threads is required for the exact same reason as Send Messages.

  • Embed Links is required because the bot posts all of its messages as embeds. If you deny this permission, you will see a lot of empty messages.

  • Attach Files is required because the bot regularly uploads files or posts images, e.g. in log channels or when there is too much data to include in a normal message. If you deny this permission, many messages won't make sense.

  • Read Message History is primarily needed for operations like the purge command, since things like autoresponder and automod work fine as the bot can see incoming messages. However, things like reaction roles that use actual reactions (and not buttons or dropdowns) also require this, so it's recommended to just grant this permission.

  • Use External Emoji is highly recommended because the bot may use emoji that come from its home/support server and things may not display correctly otherwise.

  • Add Reactions is mostly needed for adding reaction roles to other messages and for reaction-based autoresponder triggers. Most features should work correctly without this, but it is recommended to grant it.


Some permissions are more privileged and require trust, and so they are presented here with a list of which modules or commands need them so you can remove any that you will not be using.

modules commands

Permission Info

Permissions can be difficult to manage and understand. If you are uncertain on what certain permissions exactly entail, you can find information on each of them here.

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