How Premium Works

Premium subscriptions are purchased through Stripe. Billing and payment information is not sent through Daedalus and all of your purchases are done through Stripe's website.

When you purchase a premium subscription, you will have the option to choose monthly or annual. Once you pay, it should appear in your account settings. Premium will not be immediately granted to a server; instead, you will find premium keys at the bottom of your account premium settings.

To activate premium, go to server settings and redeem the key in the Premium section. If you get a premium key from a support agent or other promotion, you can activate it here as well.

When a premium subscription ends, your premium key will stop working. If you purchase another subscription, your key will resume, but it is recommended to delete them if you don's plan to re-enable it soon.

Premium Specifics

Customize XP Card Backgrounds
Multi-Target Modmail
Multi-Target Tickets
Custom Ticket On-Open Message
Supporter Announcements325
Reaction Roles520
/purge Message Count Limit1002000
Automod Rules1050
Stats Channels525
Autoresponder Triggers1050
Modmail Targets5
Ticket Prompts310
Ticket Targets (Per Prompt)10
Reddit Feeds310
Count-Up Channels310
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